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Cictus Herb

Cistus incanus L.

sku-e: E063
standardization: DER 4:1
plant part: Folium

Cistus Cistus x incanus L. belongs to Cistaceae family and is a valuable medicinal and ornamental plant. Medicinal part of the plant are herb and leaf – Cystiincani herba/folium, which contain resins, essential oil, phenolic acids (gallic, ellagic, catechin), flavonoids (rutin), tannins and phytosterols.

Processed products are used in gastrointestinal tract catarrhal treatment, liver problems, infections and inflammations of urinary tract, skin and respiratory system treatment. They are also recommended for treatment of joints inflammations. High content of polyphenols places cistus in group of herbs particularly advised for detoxification therapies.

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