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Nature is in our DNA

We do not know our family history in detail. The complexity of history has not been well documented in our case either. But what we know for sure is that this story has been going on HERE in PODLASIE for at least 5 generations. Our grandparents and their grandparents were born in a small village – Pęchratka Polska. They tilled the land their children would then cultivate, and that’s how history goes on for generations. Our parents live here. We were born and raised here as well – Piotr, Ewa, Rafał and Kamil.

Our grandparents – Jadwiga and Mieczysław, and later our father Tadeusz Pietruszyński, were involved in agriculture, animal husbandry and land cultivation for many years. This strongly influenced our childhood, habits and perception of the world.

The close vicinity of forests, fields sown with wheat, barley or rapeseed, nature, successive seasons – all these shaped us and influenced our decisions in adulthood. We have always been inspired by our uncle – Stanisław Pietruszyński, who started to trade in the 1980s and now, together with his wife and children, successfully runs several businesses in the agri-food industry in Podlasie.

Piotr was the first of our four siblings to enter the world of business and the food market, inspiring us to take the next steps and develop in related segments. We thus decided to join him in turn. Each of us; with a different temperament and own experiences, gained somewhere in the world. As children we were very different, which, paradoxically, is our greatest asset now as adults – we complement each other perfectly.

Greenvit is a kind of continuation of the family history – it was created out of our passions, market needs, the possibility of using the potential of Polish natural resources and our belief in the need to build a socially responsible and sustainable business.

Today, each of the four of us has specific different but complementary strengths, skills and responsibilities. We have set development goals, we intensively enter new foreign markets, but we continue to remember where our roots are, where we come from and what is important in life and business development.

Our company is our family

And we believe in the power of Mother Nature
Rafał Pietruszyński
Piotr Pietruszyński
Board Member
Ewa Kalka
Purchasing Manager/ Board Member
Kamil Pietruszyński
Investment and Production Director/ Procurator

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