Production Facility

Greenvit's Production Lines

Production Facility

In June 2014, we began producing plant extracts in our first facility located in Zambrów.

The growing demand for botanicals and the dynamic development of the market caused the need to expand Zambrów facility. A second production line was built in autumn 2020 and a new production facility was opened in Łomża.


A modern facility in Łomża was built as part of the project: “Commercialization of the results of R&D works of GREENVIT Sp. z o.o. by creating a facility for the production of standardized botanical extracts in Łomża in the SEZ “Project no .: WND-RPPD.01.03.00-20-0139 / 17 The project is co-financed by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND under the REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM FOR THE PODLASKIE VOIVODESHIP FOR 2014-2020 Axis priority I Strengthening the potential and competitiveness of the region’s economy Measure 1.3.

Owing to the installation of innovative production lines, we are able to compete with world leaders in the industry, offering excellent quality, continuity of supply and supporting our clients at every stage of creating projects.


Both production plants of the company operate on the basis of the ISO 22000: 2018 standard and the ISO 14001: 2015 standard with a view to environmental protection and business development respecting the natural environment.

We carry out all projects in accordance with the idea of ​​sustainable development.

The production lines of the production plants in Zambrów and Łomża were built in accordance with the latest technological solutions ensuring energy, fuel and media savings. The use of modern technological installations allows for efficient production while minimizing the material consumption of processes and emissions to the environment.

We care about the highest quality of natural ingredients and the impact on the ecosystem, our portfolio includes extracts with BIO certificates.

We also have Halal certification.

Environment Protection

On the premises of GREENVIT plants, numerous procedures related to environmental protection have been implemented, including:
• Keeping full records of generated and transferred waste
• Selective collection of household and production waste
• Identification of the main environmental aspects, control of compliance with legal requirements
• Periodic internal audits / reviews
• Monitoring and recording of parameters influencing emissions to the environment
• Continuous improvement and deepening of pro-environmental awareness
• We use the extraction method without the use of aggressive solvents such as acetone or methanol. Extraction is water or ethanol based, in line with Pharmacopoeia standards
• We have our own water treatment plant, thanks to which the efficiency of the reverse osmosis system reaches up to 90%, thus we generate only 10% of sewage on the so-called Concentrate.

Root and Branch Quality

Greenvit Quality

  • we source raw materials from proven and approved suppliers,
  • we control technological processes at every stage of production,
  • we constantly test raw materials and finished products – we analyze microbiological and physicochemical parameters, we test active substances and identity, we check the residues of undesirable contaminants,
  • we own and constantly develop our own physicochemical and microbiological laboratories,
  • we invest in research equipment,
  • we cooperate with scientific units, research institutions and accredited laboratories.

We work in accordance with the standards of the Pharmacopoeia and the regulations of the European Commission.

The quality and safety of our products is guaranteed by our research and quality certificates – ISO 22000, HALAL, GMP +, BIO.

Environmental Management

We strive to achieve the company’s sustainable development through continuous modernization and the use of environmentally friendly technologies, minimizing their negative impact on the environment and improving the environmental effects of our operations. We work in accordance with the established policy and environmental goals. The compliance of our activities is confirmed by the ISO 14001 certificate.

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Certyfikat ISO 14001_2015_pl
GreenVit Halal certifiacte 19.07.2023 updated

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