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About Us

We are a manufacturer of botanical extracts and ingredients to diet supplements, food, feed and pharmacutical industries.

As a Polish company founded in 2010 we a put special emphasis on improving the quality of natural ingredients manufactured in our facilities, launching innovative production lines and intensively developing laboratory research.

The basis of our activity is the constant improvement of the quality of the botanical extracts, which are ultimately used in the pharmaceutical industry, food production, production of dietary supplements and other sports supplements (sport nutrition).

We make every effort to ensure that the sources of our raw materials are reliable and documented. By supporting local and native producers, we reduce the risk of interrupting supply chains, thus increasing our competitive advantages.

Our Mission

At Greenvit, we produce highquality botanical extracts, focusing on the optimization of production processes and the continuous improvement of the quality of our extracts.

Our Vision

Based on market trends and the needs of the customers, bearing in mind wisdom and the power of Nature, we want to create innovative solutions.

Our Strategy

We want to exist in the worldwide producers’ consciousness as a reliable supplier of high-quality botanical extracts.

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