Research & Development

The Research and Development Department in our company is focused on the development of modern, innovative botanical extracts. For this purpose, in addition to the methods typical for the production of extracts, such as extraction, thickening and drying, we conduct intensive research on the use of advanced techniques, such as membrane filtration (micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis), as well as adsorption chromatography on polymer resins.

Our Research and Development Department consists of highly qualified specialists, often with many years of experience in the development, technology and analysis of plant-based products. Thanks to interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and a creative approach, we are not afraid of difficult challenges, we are constantly looking for new solutions and we work to ensure that the extracts we produce are of the highest quality, while maintaining optimal production costs. Our development laboratory is equipped with specialized devices that allow us to carry out the process of obtaining extracts from the raw material to the finished form on a laboratory and quarter-technical scale.

We have our own analytical facilities equipped with top-class equipment, including UPLC and HPLC chromatographs with DAD detectors and UV-VIS spectrophotometers, thanks to which our analysts are able to develop and implement methods of determining biologically active substances in raw materials and plant extracts, based on current pharmacopoeias (Ph. Eur., USP), or available scientific literature. We also collaborate extensively with research units and experts.

Our work does not end with the implementation of extracts on a production scale. Our team of technologists maintains control over the production process of the extracts developed by us, constantly monitoring and introducing the necessary optimization measures, providing the necessary support for the Production Department.

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