OCULOXIN™ Premiere At Hi Japan 2022

New Product Introduction at tokio exhibition

Hi Japan, FiT Japan, S-Tec Japan and LLJ – 4 events in 1, Japan’s Largest Trade Show for Functional & Health Ingredients. Hi Japan is the leading platform for functional foods, supplements and nutraceuticals, and caters to the region’s huge demand for health foods. Our team was there at stand no. 2-180 welcoming our guests warmly.

Japan is the birthplace of the functional ingredients industry, with a long tradition of selecting and enhancing the health benefits of food products. This pioneering market continues to grow rapidly and key players from Japan and abroad are coming to Hi / FiT / S-tec/ LL Japan to source innovative new ingredients and learn about the trends and developments in the industry.

Thus, we couldn’t have missed the opportunity to exhibit with our botanical extracts full offer which, naturally, fits in the holistic idea of the trade show. We also decided that it was a perfect opportunity to introduce to sales our latest development – OCULOXIN™.

OCULOXIN™ is a composition of the following botanical extracts:

  • bilberry which is characterized by an unussually rich qualitative composition of anthocyanins (5 different aglycones linked in monoglycoside form to hexose or pentose),
  • haskap which is exceptionally rich in simple iridoids, not found in aronia or bilberries,
  • aronia the richest source of anthocyanins and phenolic acids.

What makes OCULOXIN™ unique?

In the digital era, eye health is becoming a priority.

Preventative eye care measures are essential to preserving vision, and part of those preventative measures is a healthy diet with nutrients that support eye health. As consumers start to understand more about the benefits of supporting eye health with nutrition, they will begin looking at this aspect of healthy ageing as a lifelong endeavor, not one that begins late in life. Also, young consumers may be exposed to prolonged screen time. The eye-caring products have potential to resonate with gamers who want to keep their eyes sharp for competitions or parents of young gamers who may be concerned about their child’s eye health.

Taking all the above into account, we focused on developing a complex that would support eye health. Oculoxin™ is therefore a product that fits perfectly in the current trends. Moreover, we decided to announce clinical study to prove undeniably its possibilies. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the application of preparation composed of edible fruit of bilberry, haskap and aronia, containing anthocyanins and iridoids, to regulate physiological parameters of the visual organ. The dietary intervention study will evaluate a group of people burdened by the prolonged work in front of screen monitors and those with developing presybyopia. The effects of the studied substances on visual acuity, sense of catrast, conjuctival hydration, vascular flow, visual field and visual evoked potentials will be evaluated. We will keep you updated with the results of the clinical study, which are expected to be delivered in March 2023.

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