Hero products at Vitafoods Europe 2023

OCULOXIN® and CALMOMIX® shone brightly at the exhibition in Geneva

Vitafoods Europe took place in Geneva, Switzerland. Our team was there exhibiting as a part of Polish Pavilion. Since Vitafoods is one of the biggest events of nutracuetical industry, we were ready for yet another big challenge.

Taking into account all the current trends, we decided to put the main emphasis on communicating our two branded products; OCULOXIN® and CALMOMIX®.

Nowadays, customers are seeking sleep-enhancing products that would help them not only with sleep problems, but also general well-being. The response to these needs is CALMOMIX®, recommended in difficulties falling asleep, for better sleep quality, in temporarily increased nervous tension and to alleviate mental stress symptoms. Another burning issue for customers is eye care. We spend more and more time in front of different screens, thus straining the eye. To prevent problems resulting from prolonged exposure to blue light or to support the organ of vision, appropriate supplementation is recommended. OCULOXIN® is a complex of standardized extractsoptimally designed to obtain the beneficial ocular effect, therefore making OCULOXIN® formulation unique in the market.

The selected two extracts enjoyed great interest from visitors to our stand, which made our team incredibly busy on all days of the fair. Moreover, OCULOXIN® was also present in the Tasting Centre, in a form of berry flavoured gel. Obiously, this is the possible applications of our extract which comes in black fine powder with good technological properties. It is easy to formulate and is suitable for capsules, tablets and liquid forms. 

CALMOMIX® on the other hand was selected to be presented during an Innovation Tour organized by Vitafoods Europe. When we were visited by the tour participants, a short lecture was given by Tomasz Sadlik, Sales Manager at Greenvit, explaining the uniqueness of the formulation and its main advantages.

Vitafoods Europe 2023 was a very successful exhibition for our company. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who had visited us and who we had visited, all of the meetings were extremely important to us. Let’s continue growing our businesses together! 🌱

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