The development of new extracts begins in our R&D laboratory. Our quality team strictly monitors the whole production process, from the stage of the raw material to the final product.

Before running a project in production scale, each development can be thoroughly tested on our pilot line which allows us to produce small, sample batches (2-4 kg).

We use/apply soft extraction technique, which means we do not use any aggressive or chemical solvents. The extraction isonly water and ethanol based (according to Pharmacopeia standards).

Our production line includes:

  • pilot line
  • extractors (percolation method)
  • maceration tanks
  • double-effect vacuum evaporator
  • vacuum belt dryer
  • buffer and storage tanks
  • filtration station
  • miller and mixer
  • CIP system

Vacuum drying allows us to run the process at relatively low temperature (50-70 °C) which is especially important for temperature-sensitive extracts and active ingredients. Most of the extracts can be vacuum-dried natively, which means without addition of carriers, which is often impossible or very difficult in spray drying technology.