Spray dryer- Łomża
Vacuum dryer
Spray dryer- Zambrów

Greenvit other than to the production of plant extracts, provides spray and vacuum drying services. Our new plant in Łomża is equipped with a spray dryer, which is extremely efficient and allows you to process large amounts of material in a short time. In our second plant in Zambrów, there is also a second spray dryer, which allows us to dry various batch sizes, from 100-200 kg to even several tons of finished product.

In addition, we are in possession of an innovative vacuum dryer, which is the only one in Central and Eastern Europe. The Vacuum belt dryer enables continuous production of extract by pumping high viscosity products onto heated belts. Whole process is performed under vacuum. Block of mono pumps is feeding the viscous raw material into the dryer chamber thus it can be dried native (without addition of carrier). Due to vacuum, water evaporation can be performed at extremely low temperature. The product during drying does not exceed 30-40°C, thus the thermolabile active compounds and aromas can be preserved. Moreover since the final product is forming layers the oxidation of precious organic molecules is minimal. After drying the product can be milled and standardized to meet customers requirements (controlled bulk density and particle size distribution).