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Wild pansy herb

Viola tricolor L.

sku-e: E126
standardization: DER 4:1, DER 6:1, DER 8:1
plant part: Herba
ema: EMA/HMPC/131734/2009
pharmacopoeia: Ph. Eur. 01/2008:1855

Species that belongs to Violaceae Batsch family, in Poland known as heartsease. It can be found in the wild in Europe and Asia. It contains flavonoids (a.i. rutin, quercetin), anthocyanins (a.i. violine, 3-glucoside delphinidin and peonidin), carotenoids (a.i. violaxanthin, beta-carotin, saponins, mucous, tannins, essential oils, rutin. It is used in urinary disorders as a diuretic and to increase the excretion of harmful metabolic products.

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