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White Mulberry Leaf

Morus alba L.

sku-e: E035
standardization: DER 4:1, DER 5:1, DER 10:1 1-DNJ iminosugar 1%, 2%, 3% (HPLC – ELS)
plant part: Folium

White mulberry (Morus alba L.) is a tree from the Moraceae family. Herbal raw materials of the plant are leaves and fruit. White mulberry leaves contain large amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins (i.a. vitamin C, B, D, E), flavonoids, polyphenols. They have an antidiabetic effect due to content of compounds of alkaloids which lower the insulin level. Also, anti-oxidising compounds can prevent complications connected with diabetes. Products made of mulberry leaves are recommended for people with diabetes and obesity in order to decrease the apetite and gain weight. Dried mullberry fruit is a valuable dietary snack.

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