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Senna Leaf

Cassia senna L.

sku-e: E127
standardization: DER 4:1, DER 5:1, DER 6:1
plant part: Folium
ema: EMA/HMPC/625849/2015
pharmacopoeia: Ph. Eur. 04/2020:0206

Senna, commonly known as cassia, belongs to the Legume family. It can be found in warm temperate climate in the wilderness. It is also cultivated in Egypt, Sudan and tropical Asia. Herbal raw material, senna leaf, comes from alexandrian senna (Cassia senna Linne) and cassia angustifolia (Cassia angustifolia Vahl). Main active ingridients are glycosidic anthra-compounds (sennosides A, B, C, D) and non-glycosides anthra-compounds (i.a. sennidines A, B, C, chrysophanol, physcion, aloe-emodin), plant mucus and flavonoids. Senna leaf improves large intestine motility and helps with constipation.

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