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Chamomile Flower

Matricaria chamomilla L.

sku-e: E016
standardization: DER 4:1
plant part: Anthodium
ema: EMA/HMPC/55843/2011
pharmacopoeia: Ph. Eur. 07/2019:0404

Chamomile flower (Matricaria recutita L.) belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is one of four plants that has the largest harveting area in Poland. Medicinal part od the plant is Matricariae flos, commonly known as chamomillae anthodium. It contains essential oil (with chamazulen), coumarin, flavonoids, plant mucus and carotenoids. European Medicines Agency (EMA) lists 5 traditional uses for products made of chamomile flower. They help with gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating and cramps. Products made of chamomile flower can be also used for helping with the symptoms of a cold, benign ulcers (open sores), inflammation of oral cavity and throat, benign inflammation of the skin (sunburns), superficial wounds and small ulcers (boils). They can also be used for inflammation of the skin around anus and genitals, only after other serious diseases are excluded. Children above 6 months old can be given matricaria flower internally and externally (e.g. diaper rash). Chamomile products are used in the cosmetic industry due to anti-inflammatory and softening properties. they can also be used to lighten the hair.

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