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What is CherryGO®?

CherryGO® is a standardized complex of fruit extracts rich in polyphenols, designed to support the body’s recovery and reduce muscle soreness after strong physical exertion. It is composed of tart cherry fruit Prunus cerasus L. (Vistula) and aronia berry Aronia melanocarpa (Michaux), which have different but complementary polyphenol fractions, including anthocyanins.
Such composition is widely proven to be beneficial to our health. As a result of our own laboratory research on the formulation, we have obtained an innovative specific complex with an extended, synergistic spectrum of biologically active ingredients.


We guarantee the full control of the origin and quality of these locally sourced raw ingredients. Aronia berries are obtained from selected Polish plantations. The tart cherry Vistula fruits are from unique, local plantations, traditionally cultivated along the Vistula river on limestone soil for over 100 years now. The Vistula tart cheery juice has a very intense colour and more beneficial ingredients compared to most widely grown Prunus Montmorency type. The Vistula cherries used in production are certified by EU with Protected Designation of Origin – PDO. The distance between the plantation and GREENVIT’s production facility is no greater than 300 km.

The production of CherryGO® complex (Prunus cerasus L.-Vistula + Aronia melanocarpa M.) is based on a double standardization of each ingredient simultaneously with anthocyanin (HPLC) and polyphenol (UV) content. The complex is composed of:

• TART CHERRY Vistula type extract – double standardized for polyphenol (min. 15%) and anthocyanin (min. 3%) content, DER 40:1,
• ARONIA BERRY extract – double standardized for polyphenol (min. 50%) and anthocyanin (min. 25%) content, DER 70:1.

Recommended use and dosage

CherryGO® comes in a form of dark red / claret fine powder, with good technological properties. It is convenient to include in formulations, suitable for capsules, tablets, liquid forms.

Recommended dosage: 400mg of CherryGO® per day

Target Group

CherryGO® complex is recommended for both recreational and professional athletes; and people with physically demanding jobs.

What makes CherryGO® unique?

effective regeneration after sport activity, especially endurance and resistance trainings,
reduction of muscle soreness,
reduction of inflammation,
stimulation of the immune system response,
prevention or treatment of diseases resulting from oxidative stress (restoring the balance between anti- and pro-oxidative processes),
effective prevention and/or support for the treatment of respiratory infections of viral and/or bacterial etiology

Innovative, standardized CherryGO® complex supports the body’s natural defense system and regeneration by utilizing health beneficial properties of the two traditionally used fruits that provide high polyphenol content – tart cherry and aronia berry.

Muscle recovery after strength and endurance trainings

Helps to speed up muscle regeneration and reduce soreness after physical exertion. CherryGO® complex has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore can improve performance in physical activity (excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) has been linked to the development of fatigue), as well as muscles recovery.

Inflammation reduction thanks to strong antioxidative activity

Tart cherries belonging to the Prunus species are a rich source of polyphenols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The chemical composition of tart cherries is influenced by many factors such as variety, ripening stage, agricultural practices and environmental conditions. At least 24 anthocyanins, 12 phenolic acids, 17 flavonols and 18 flavones were identified in cherries, which gives a high content of polyphenols and a very diverse profile.

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