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What is CALMOMIX®?

CALMOMIX® is a standardized complex of herbal extracts, rich in active substances with effects on the central nervous system (CNS). Vegetal component materials from sedativa et hypnotica group demonstrate a multi-directional calming action. They act mainly on the nervous system, and complementarily on the digestive track, the vascular system and endocrine functions.

CALMOMIX® is recommended in difficulties falling asleep, for better sleep quality, in temporarily increased nervous tension and to alleviate mental stress symptoms.

Four pharmacopoeia plants (Ph. Eur.) used in CALMOMIX® complex, i.e. Valeriana officinalis L., Melissa officinalis L., Passiflora incarnata L. and Humulus lupulus L. are a rich source of diverse active substances. Their benefits have been demonstrated in scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals with a substantial impact (IF).


CALMOMIX® complex contains, per 1,000 mg:

  • dry extract from valerian root (V.officinalis L.), standardized to the content of sesquiterpenic acids/valerenic acid (HPLC), min. 0.80 % – 500 mg
  • dry extract from Melissa leaves (M. officinalis L.) standardized to the content of rosmarinic acid (HPLC), min. 5.0% – 200 mg
  • dry extract from the herbal passionflower (P. incarnata L.) standardized to the content of flavonoids per vitexin (UV), min. 2.0% – 200 mg
  • dry extract from hop cones (H. lupulus L.), DER 4:1 – 100 mg

CALMOMIX® complex of herbal extracts is produced by GREENVIT from carefully selected plant materials, procured from Polish and European suppliers. This ensures the full laboratory control of extract identity and quality.

Technological properties, recommended use and dose

CALMOMIX® extract complex is a brown, fine powder with good technological properties, to be used in solid forms. The suggested complex content per 1 tablet/capsule equals 500 mg. The maximum daily dose should not exceed the EMA reference values.

Target group

CALMOMIX® is recommended for use in adults. Based on the findings of available scientific studies, it is particularly recommended for women in perimenopause age, to alleviate irritability and sleeping difficulties.

What makes CALMOMIX® unique?

CALMOMIX® complex can be administered as a ready-to-use formulation of active ingredients.
CALMOMIX® does not induce any side effects, withdrawal symptoms or dependency risks. Therefore, you can use it in emergencies, as needed (in self-medication) or as recommended by professionals

In 2020, GREENVIT conducted its own randomized study of the effects of CALMOMIX® complex on psychological well-being of patients in terms of sleep quality, ease of falling asleep, relief of nervous tension and irritability.
Study conclusion: the use of CALMOMIX® (a standardized complex of herbal extracts rich in CNS-affecting active substances) produced noticeable and clinically significant benefits over placebo in three of the four areas of psychological well-being examined in the VAS test.

Nervous tension / stress relief

In case of mild nervous tension, mental stress, sleep troubles, it is recommended that the medical treatment starts with the administration of herbal materials with a calming effect. Conventional pharmacological solutions used in the therapy of anxiety disorders do not always manage to remove all undesirable symptoms. Moreover, like hypnotic medications, they may cause a number of burdensome side effects.
Because of that, there is a growing interest in options of alleviating anxiety and sleeplessness with vegetal solutions alternative and/or complementary to conventional means.

Difficulties falling asleep / better sleep

For increased anxiety, emotional tension and/or sleeplessness the traditional medicine has recommended for long the extracts from the valerian root, Melissa herbaceous plant, passion flower or hop flowers (cones). It is confirmed that the said extracts may be used to reduce mental stress symptoms, mild nervous tension and difficulties falling asleep. Moreover, products obtained from valerian, melissa, passion flower or hop strobile are also commonly recommended for women who struggle with the burdensome perimenopausal symptoms.

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