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What is ARONVIT®?

ARONVIT® is a unique, standardized extract from selected aronia berries. As a result of our own technology development efforts we have obtained a pioneering, prime quality extract with a rich anthocyanin content. Thanks to a high content of anthocyanins, ARONVIT® extract shows a wide range of beneficial health results, including a number of positive metabolic changes, as reported in literature.


Thanks to procurement sources of raw materials from local contractors Greenvit is able to fully manage product identity and quality. ARONVIT® has been standardized for the content of anthocyanins (HPLC) and polyphenols (UV) as well. Qualitative (LC-MS) and quantitative (HPLC) analysis of three batches of ARONVIT® extract showed thatthe polyphenols in it include compounds belonging to anthocyanins, flavonols, flavanols, flavan-3-ols and phenolic acids. The predominant group of phenolic compounds identified in our extract are anthocyanins.

Recommended use and dose

ARONVIT® is a dark purple to black fine powder with good technological properties. It can be suitably used in the form of syrup, capsule and tablets. The suggested daily dose is 50-150 mg.

ARONVIT® trademark

ARONVIT® registered trademark k is the property of GREENVIT company. The trademark may be used solely along with the purchased extract complex.

What makes ARONVIT® unique?

ARONVIT® standardized extract with the high content of anthocyanins and polyphenols is a perfect choice to ensure proven, versatile health benefits.

Aronia is the healthiest berry in the world, with one of the highest scores on the ORAC* scale. In other words, as an antioxidant, it has the highest capacity of absorbing reactive oxygen species (ROS).
The bioavailability of polyphenols and anthocyanins in food depends mostly on food storage conditions and techniques of meals preparation. Processing and purification of vegetal food affect adversely the level of antioxidant substances. That’s why ARONVIT® standardized extract with the high content of anthocyanins and polyphenols is a perfect choice to ensure proven, versatile health benefits.

Cardio protection

Anthocyanins have a positive influence on the improvement of lipid parameter, glucose levels, endothelial function and redox status in the body weight loss. In particular, anthocyanins show protection properties for the cardiovascular system and the heart muscle itself. The positive impact of anthocyanins on the cardiovascular system is associated with their anti-inflammatory properties, their ability to strengthen capillaries, and to slow down the aggregation and adhesion of blood platelets.

Metabolic protection

A diet rich in anthocyanins improves the plasma lipid profile by reducing the total cholesterol concentration, LDL fraction and triglycerides. Additionally, by reducing the action of enzymes active in lipid metabolism, anthocyanins inhibit their oxidation and immunological response to LDLox and their capture by macrophages. The findings from studies conducted to analyze the protective effect of anthocyanins in insulin resistance and obesity showed that anthocyanins are effective in increasing tissue responsiveness to insulin, in reducing weight gain and lipid accumulation

Anti-inflammatory activity

The anti-inflammatory action of anthocyanins is manifested in the regulation of tension in capillary walls, which
in turn reduces the cell inflammatory response.

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